Do you stay for the kids, but still seek love and happiness elsewhere?

I have a guy friend who is married with 3 young kids. His relationship is on the rocks, but I think ( this is pure speculation ) that he's holding and not wanting to break up because of the kids. I completely understand. I don't really agree because this could backfire in the long run ( raising kids in an unhappy home ).

Here's my problem. He seems to be taking more of an interest in me. The last time we spoke face to face we had a very weird and intense moment of eye contact. I could see and feel something there between us. It was a look he's never given me before.

I will admit that I do have feelings for him, but I have never acted on them nor will I as long as he's in a relationship. I'd like to remain friends with him because feelings aside I do care about him a lot and want him to be happy even if it's not with me. I want to be there for him, but I don't want to lead him on or put either one of us in a situation that we'd both regret.

I guess my question here is this. If he's staying in an unhappy relationship because of the kids, would he seek comfort and happiness elsewhere (me)? When/if he thinks or realizes that we could work, would it be enough for him to breakup with her? I would love to hear your stories if you've been in this situation.


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  • Staying together for the kids doesn't work.


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  • No. You never do things for the kids only.


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