Is it rude to ignore a guy I broke up with?

Him and I dated for around 6 months. He's in his late 20s but hasn't had a girlfriend in 9 years when we met. Though he did have a lot of hook ups and the closest girl to his ex was someone he was causal with for about two months 5 months before we met. They're still
friends and I've hung out with her a lot too (she's dating someone else) (I'll refer to her as an "ex")

the main reasons I broke up with him
1) he once smoked and drank with her at her place and then "didn't remember where he slept or woke up". He did call me that day but I was sleeping so I didn't answer. but when we first started dating he told me they didn't go to each other's places but later on hung out with her at her place.
2) we were doing long distance recently and I told him I'm not comfortable about not hearing from him the entire night when he's getting waisted with her and other girls alone. I told him i wanted to let him go cause it was making me anxious.
It was a pretty amicable break up with not much drama.
It's been 2 weeks since we broke up and he's contacted me 3 times. Recently he sent me a mix he made partially while we were dating partially after we split. I didn't reply to his message and today he asked if I got the mix.

Is it rude to ignore? I'm not messaging him cause im not completely over him yet and I feel like talking to him would set me back. I was gPing to reply in a month or two after I completely moved on. Is this selfish or rude? Also any idea why he's doing this?
Is it rude to ignore a guy I broke up with?
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