Do men don't really care at all once they lose the interest?

Men seem to move on quickly than women. While it was a 6-mo relationship, with inconsistencies and uncertainty, does it mean that the man doesn't care at all?


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  • It would be hard to tell in many cases because men generally hide emotional pain (cultural expectations of masculinity, bla bla). There are people that will drop a person with seemingly no second thoughts. There are definitely people who will take a long time to recover from a relationship as well.

    Side note: You can easily find an example of a person (regardless of gender) that will display a certain behavior because there are 7 billion people with all kinds of variations of the norm. The real question to ask is whether a trait is really sex-linked or there is just the belief that this is the case. If it's linked, then we can ask "how common is it for men to X?" or "Do women generally want to Y?" Nature doesn't tend towards absolutes.


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  • Actually, I've found that guys move on slower. They might physically move on (start dating someone else or hooking up with someone else) but emotionally they haven't moved on.

    If he didn't care, he wouldn't have dated you for 6 months.

    Also, does it matter? He's an ex now and he's part of your past. Give yourself space and time, don't compare your progress of getting over him to his progress of getting over you. Everyone moves on at different speeds. For example, for a 5 month relationship it took me 4 weeks. And that was the "worst" breakup I've had, all previous relationships I was over it in about a week. I just get over relationships really quickly, but that doesn't mean I didn't care for the guys I dated. It simply means that when breakups happen, I accept it, and move on.

    • Wow, how can you move on so fast? I'm always attached, am I over emotional? I guess you don't overthink and analyse like me. I have to do this in order to gain closure by myself and learn from it. I just like to be wiser on the next relationship. It took me 6wks to get over this recent break up because I wasn't working, less distracted and perhaps I worked it out because I knew what I wanted. I waited for years to achieve my standard.

      Well, my recent ex was not emotionally available so in our case, he must have moved on quickly. I seemed to be his companion at that time, more of a companionate lover, in my opinion.


    • I do spend a lot of time thinking about it. I need to know why it failed and if I could have done things differently. Past relationships that I am the one doing the breaking up, I have already done my thinking, already came to a conclusion that it won't work out, and so I have my closure. The last relationship, he broke up with me. I did my crying, I did my thinking. And I did A LOT of thinking, and about after a week, I realized that the core problems were failings on his end that I couldn't help him with, especially if he was unwilling to accept help with them. There was nothing I could have done to change the outcome, and so I got my closure after about 4 weeks.

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  • No. they don't. smart men don't hang on to things like that.

  • not necessarily. it's just that men don't have as much time to waste

    • Unlike with women who are more emotional and get the time to grieve, you mean?

    • we care but understand that whatever our goal is with women we don't have as much time to sit around and wait

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