Lets say you were with someone for 5 months, broke up with them because you felt like you didn't want them anymore, got back together 4 months later and figured out he/she cheated on you. How likely are you to go back to that person?


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  • There would have to be a real change in them for me to even consider getting back together with them. Do they even feel remorse? I wouldn't jump right back into a relationship with them either, but really take the time to see if things could be different the second time around. The truth is, most people are looking for a quick fix and you'll be able to see rather quickly if your ex truly does want to make a change for better or not. Usually they get frustrated when you don't just accept them back "as is" but then you'll find yourself in the exact same relationship that failed the first time around!


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  • never will I go back to him


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