Can I get her back after being too anxious?

Let me start by saying we had a good relationship, borderline great, until the day we didn't. I was seeing this girl for 3 months (official for two) and other than a few paranoid thoughts i let slip, everything seemed to be going good. I guess if you need the total back story she had a bruise on her butt that i became really suspicious of for a split second, before i realized i gave it to her the day before. Anyway this past weekend she cancelled on me to hang out with her friend who is having a very tough time (i know this for certain) and i was kinda bummed out so naturally i got insecure, we talked about it, and everything was good... apparently not. The next day she was going to a baby shower and that morning was ok, i woke up to a sweet good morning text, but half way through the day, she shut her location off, which in hindsight makes me look like a total douche but you should know that i never confronted her about her whereabouts before, in fact the only reason it bothered me was because i was the only one who was set up to see it, so if she turned it off, it was deliberately so i couldn't see. I got anxious and paranoid and kind of accused her of lying to me (which she hadn't). After a strained conversation of me basically trying to explain why i was the way i was, she ended things over text, saying she doesn't think we're compatible anymore. Id really like to know if i have a chance at getting her back, because for the first time in a long time i found a girl i was starting to trust.


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  • I must admit, If a guy did that to me I wouldn't be too pleased with it. If you truly believe you can trust her, then prove it to her. Tell her that you will be better for her. Because no girl wants to date a guy that doesn't trust them. If she truly likes you, she would give you another chance.

    • Any advice on how long to wait before trying to contact her again? I know i messed up bad, but for the first time i actually want to try and change.

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    • 5 days ago

    • Give it a few more days, she's needs time to gather her thoughts. But instead of messaging her and telling her what you wanna say, do it person so she knows you are being for real

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  • hi i read your post and i want you to know that she might have been loved by another guy and they want her to break it up with you. have also been in this kind of situation with my fiance some years back before we got married. if you keep silent she might just sleep off your hand so you just have to fight back your woman. i want you to message me so i let you know all you can do before it get late. message me on my email so now on waynelikey @ gmail. com
    await your mail


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