What to say in text?

I have been dating this guy and he sweet with me and I completely disappeared he texted me I was not friendly 20 days later I called him he was so happy to hear from me and was caring again I was rude a bit and cold then I texted him yesterday to ask him do for me something he was tough with me at the beginning then warmed up fast caring sweet but My replies was so brief and short.. I want to text him not w something other than how are u or what's up.. I want to be sweet and say something good.. I'm confused don't want to appear acting or weak.. or desperate.. any idea.,


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  • Well,
    Ask him about something he's done. He'll love to tell you more about himself. ...
    Be witty.
    Don't just say "hahaha" if he says something funny. ...
    Tell him something he's never heard before. Maybe you heard something really weird on the news, or you were impressed by a random fact. ...
    Be playful. U can also talk about ur common interests.


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  • Well did you ask him where he disappeared to? Kinda strange that he just disappeared like that and didn't keep in contact.


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  • Break it up... I feel that


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