Girls, how do I proceed?

So me and my ex of many years broke up 6 weeks ago due to my stress of uni and not moving in with her because I was still finishing uni work I couldn't afford to travel there and back all the time, after that we were friends and I moved home, got on really well even kissed sometimes and she mentioned we were building a friendship first before anything which was great, I through myself into changing for the better now I was done with uni until a week ago she said she thinks it's good we date others before anything, I asked her if she'd been on a date and found out she's going on a date again with the same guy, professed my love again she said she doesn't know if I've changed properly or just because I want her back, said I needed space and would message I a week or two
I know she's been on this second date now and it's killing me thinking the worst like she'll fall in love and that she doesn't care anymore
I'm wondering if I should actually message her when I said or if not doing and continuing to improve myself in her absence is the best thing to do? In my head maybe she'll think why hasn't he messaged me yet or maybe she'll be perfectly fine with this new guy... just trying to ask from a girls perspective because I tried to go on a date but felt terrible during and after so it hurts knowing she's fine doing it


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  • Contact her when you said you would. Nobody falls in love by going on 2 or even 4 dates. It takes time and if she really loved you, she would make it work with you.

    • That's true but I thought after me trying to prove myself that month it would work but after a good spell she decided she wanted to see what else was out there, so I'm worried by contacting her during this new stages of a relationship, it won't be long enough for me to prove I've changed without her or she'll decline because she's enjoying the new exciting stage... Just don't want to put myself out there to go back to square one. truth is I have no idea how she really feels she's good at putting up a front and looking happy

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    • Odds are low. I am no expert obviously but the odds are definitely low.

    • Thanks :) i think that helps at times still crap knowing she's enjoying these dates and not thinking of me as much

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