How do I end it? If I even should.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 11 months, he's pretty obsessed. We fight all the time, making me cry about once a week, not only do we fight a lot, but its over stupid things. He always makes me feel bad about doing little things like talking to other guys, texting other guys, etc.. It has gotten to the point where I have thought about dumping him many times, but I just don't know how, of even if I should. I think I should but I don't want him to be sad, or cry for that matter (like I said he's pretty obsessed


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  • Why are his feelings more important than yours? What obligation do you have to him that is making you willing to overlook your own happiness for his?

    If you allow people to treat you poorly, and rationalize it, then how can the ever change or know they are behaving badly?

    Let him be responsible for his own behavior and deal with the consequences. Maybe losing you will be what he needs to learn to be less obsessive and jealous. And if not, you are only losing something that hurts you. You don't deserve that.

    Good luck.


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  • What's stopping you from leaving is how he'll feel about it?

    It's sounding like he doesn't even care about how you feel about almost anything!

    Idiotic jealous from just talking to other guys, making you cry, and putting you down isn't enough to find someone that will treat you right / better?

    Girl, either you need to have a serious talk with him, or your own parents.

    This isn't a healthy relationship. Get out soon.


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  • Hey if he makes you cry you really shouldn't worry about him. If I were you I would just tell him its over. He hasn't been good to you and he doesn't deserve you. He's not obsessed he wants to control you. Since he doesn't want you to have a connection with other guys it means he doesn't trust you. You don't deserve that. Just tell him the business.


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