Could we still get back together? From these signs?

Ex dumped me for minor reasons. He liked me for a long time, year and 8ish months, but we were only dating for a month. He says he still loves me a lot and always will. More than a friend. But he said we can't be more than friends. We still text each other. He says there's no one else and I don't see anyone on his social media. We're not long distance. We live in same city. He says we can hang as friends, but I'm on vacay now and we haven't hung as friends yet.
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  • he may have found someone else and thats the worst possibility. I understand the situation though and it seems you two will just be friends, sorry to say you won't be getting back together. I've been in a situation sort of similar but we never dated, just on the edge of dating but I messed up

    • you need to drink some water, all that salt in yout system isn't get for you. the water will help balance it out

  • From what I can tell, there are a multitude of reasons, from which he is not disclosing. Problem (s) must be fixed before relationship can resume.


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