Abusive ex boyfriend wants back a ring given as a gift, but we broke up nearly three years ago- What would you do?

I was in an abusive relationship with my ex boyfriend for a little less than three years when I was a teen. He was initially very charming, always attentive, but he became increasingly controlling after some time. He began to strike me as a narcissist. It was always about what he wanted to do with his life, I was merely an accessory to string along when convenient. He needed to be the center of attention all the time, or things were not ok. This made him very difficult to have around friends, I lost many for even associating with someone that many people described as egoistical and manipulative (he was a new student at my high school). Soon after we began having sex, I found him to be pushy and he would often give me puppy dog eyes when I wasn't in the mood. I was guilted into having sex with him more often than I'd like to admit, it just didn't feel worth fighting the childish tantrum of pouting that would ensue if I rejected him. I was often sore from receiving after these times, I told him it was uncomfortable, but he never seemed concerned. I became afraid of him over time, as his attitude towards the word "No" had become about more than sex. He would attempt to grab my phone from me if I was texting other people, read my messages if he could weasel it away from me to "check if I was cheating on him" and it got to a point that I didn't even feel like I should have my phone on my person when he was around. I hid it between the bed frame and my mattress often. If he knew I used certain websites, he would make accounts and stalk me as well. I broke up with him about two to three years ago. A few days ago, someone must have given him my new number, he messaged me asking if I would consider selling a ring he bought me back to him. Friends tell me to sell it to him or turn it in to a pawn shop, but family members feel like I should just give it to him because "it's his". I just blocked him and moved on, but what would you all do?
Give him the ring.
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Abusive ex boyfriend wants back a ring given as a gift, but we broke up nearly three years ago- What would you do?
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