I've just met a great guy but might be moving abroad soon, what do I do?

So i recently met a lovely guy on Tinder (went on it for one night only and innitially only met up with him with friendship in mind). Anyway we went out and our meeting turned into a date very quickly. He treated me just how I've always wanted someone to treat me on a first date, even kissing me on the cheek at the end. Then we went out on a second date for dinner and to see a film. Again it was great and we kissed during the film- whole screen to ourselves, how romantic! But... before meeting him I applied to a few jobs abroad and stand a high chance of getting one of them which would be a two-hour flight away from my home country. I don't know if I've got the job yet. My question is, what should we do? Carry on as normal until I know for sure I got the job? Or end it to prevent either of us getting in too deep? Part of me wants to just enjoy the time I have with him for now and then when and if I leave that'll be it. He's already said a long-distance relationship won't work for him. It just feels rubbish because finally I'm dating someone worthwhile and now I might lose them :(. Has anyone else stopped dating someone to move abroad? The thing is my dream job is working abroad and it goes without saying I can't change my dream for a guy I've only just met. Minimum I really want to stay friends with this guy if I do leave. Any advice would be useful. Thanks :)
After all your feedback, I think I'll just carry on as normal until I know if I am moving for sure or not. Life's too short not to enjoy the time we have when we have it. Life is full of different types of love and not all of them last a lifetime and should just be enjoyed then and there. So that's what I'm goong to do. I have to be honest that my career is a priority now and it'd be crazy not to take an opportunity for someone I only just met. AskAlthea is right, timing just sucks sometimes.


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  • ofc babe move on. long distance relationship look good in book. no need to carry this. move on u will find other guy.


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  • Just some possibilities to consider:
    1. As confident as you are, there is a small chance you don't get the job and end up staying in your country. In which case, it doesn't make sense to break up with him now.
    2. You're likely to get the job, and he's unwilling to do long distance. He's a great guy by your account and will likely find another girl to date. Would you be able to watch that happen as a friend? To see him being happy with another girl, to potentially end up marrying that girl. If you can't watch that happen and be happy for him, you can't be friends with him, seeing him with someone else will likely tear you apart.
    3. There's a small chance he may change his mind, so date him until you leave, maybe he'll like you so much he'll change his mind and give the ldr a try.
    4. He may not give his all when dating you because he knows you'll be gone soon and he's already made a decision to not pursue a ldr. In which case it's just the two of you having a good time but there is no future. So if you develop feelings you'll likely only get hurt (see #2).

    Honestly, timing sometimes just sucks.


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  • Set your priorities


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  • Enjoy your time. If you get the job, that's when you end it, not before.


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