Is it really over?

Me and my boyfriend dated for 7 months. We broke up in January 2017. Around February he made an attempt to see me. Me still being upset over the break up I was reluctant to see him and harshly dismissed him. Even though I was upset I did miss him and reached out later in March. We ended up meeting up at my place and it was the most awkward meet up ever. He was quiet I was quiet.. clearly we were both feeling some kind of way. We loved each other but things were not the same. When it was time for him to leave he turned to me as though he was gonna give me a hug (I'm looking at him holding back tears) then he turns away..

Fast forward to my birthday (late May) he likes one of my pictures on instagram.. I blocked him on impulse. At that point i felt like he's fucking with my head/emotions. Wondering why, it dawned on me that him and my mom are still friends on facebook. She posted Some birthday pictures of me so he must have seen them and started missing me (I'm thinking). About a week later I unblocked him and reach out again (foolish) I basically put all my feelings for him out there, and told him i missed him and maybe we can try to meet up again and that even if he doesn't feel the same ill understand, just give me closure.. "Seen". No reply. So I ask him again.. he says "ya when are you available" I say "weekend?" He say he didn't know if he had to work.. long story short we never met up for a 2nd time. After that plan died he liked another pic a day after. PISSED. I sent him a message telling him to STOP. Clearly I have feelings and you don't feel the same so stop fucking with my head. "Seen."

Im having a hard hard time dealing with this breakup and trying to forget and move on.. and need some advice on wtf is going on here­čśĄ I feel like its over but its not..
Is it really over?
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