Should I forget about him?

I'm really good friends with this guy and every time we drink he flirts so much with me. However he has a beautiful girlfriend, much more pretty than me. They seem perfect together. Nobody ever would think he'd come close to cheating on her. [they've been dating maybe two years now] Well the other night we drank a good amount, flirted the whole night again. & we hooked up. We kissed so much, and we met up after everyone at the party fell asleep. it was amazing, and I'm really crushing on him.

I feel like I should give up because we were drunk and he is taken.=/ which blows.

Do you think it could be anything more?


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  • I think you shouldn't put their relationship up on a pedestal

    because you never know what's on the other side.

    Apparently it's not so perfect if he'll hook up with you when he's drunk.

    Anyway, talk to him about what happen.

    • Yes, we talked about it and agreed it couldn't like get out, that it'd be a secret we'd have to keep. He said he was embarassed that he got so drunk and did that, that he's not like that. I don't know if he's embarassed it was with me or embarassed because of the girlfriend situation. I'm lost but I decided to just not bring it up to him again.

    • If that's what he wants, then so be it.

      I couldn't see a guy like that being with myself

      since he can't even tell his girlfriend what happen.

      but anyway...I don't think he was embarrassed by who he did it with--

      just the fact that it wasn't his girlfriend has him concerned.

  • one question : would you like to be in the position that his girlfriend is in right now? having a cheating boyfriend? and you're the "other girl"... I think you're missing the point here : it's not about whether or not he likes you, it's about the fact that he has so little respect for a committed relationship that he will kiss someone else.

    i know it's a kick because he "wanted" you even though his girlfriend is prettier as you say, but it's NEVER OK to hook up with someone in a relationship. no matter how much you care about them.

    • Oh I know, I felt absolutely terrible in the morning. I apologized to him so many times. You're right.

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