We broke up, I don't want any memory of him?

I broke up with my boyfriend last week and I'm feeling sad and down. however, I am worried about him and want to know if he is ok.. I also don't know what to do with the presents he gave me; I don't want them and I want to give them back to him but without making him feel that I am trying to get back to his life. Ab=ny advice? I miss him so much btw!!


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  • you can do whatever you want with the gifts
    some relationships can have drastic effects on a persons life., like negative effects, and of the relationship does have a bad end, like the one you describe, I would suggest you to really think hard on whether you want to keep the gifts or not.
    it's only natural that you miss him, and contacting him and getting back together is an option. but are you ready to forgive him, or forget whatever the reason there was due to which you broke up, if yes you may call him, and talk to him
    but be advised, I have seen a lot of movies, where when this happens the girl or the guy trying to get back together realises that the ex has already moved on


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  • I would keep the gifts, but put them away somewhere out of sight, out of mind for now. You can keep a memory box of them and stash it away so you're not constantly seeing something he gave you, which will turn your mind to him immediately.
    Giving back the gifts would be contacting him, unless you mail them or drop them off at his place when he's not around. If that makes you feel better, than do that.
    He may think you dropping off the gifts is exactly what you're concerned about- he might get the impression you just used them as an excuse to see him. Which will only make it more difficult for you.

    However, do remind yourself that this person devoted those things to you, and he probably will just end up tossing them since giving them to someone else wouldn't be easy.
    Breakups are hard, and no matter what you must give yourself time to get over him. It's okay to feel sad, but do take time to lift your spirits up somehow. Keep friends close by and rely on those people in your life you can count on for comfort.

    I would just hold onto those things and put them away somewhere for now, or if you're really sure you don't want them and depending on what it is, giving to charity is an alternative option. If it's something like clothing, shoes, clean stuffed animals, etc. there's other people who can use those things, plus it'll make you feel good about it too. :)

    No matter what you decide, you have to believe in yourself you can get through this okay. Think of it this way, you were fine before you met him, and you'll be just fine after this rut of sadness ends too.
    Best wishes to you.


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  • Why would you get rid of the gifts. They are like the only positive thing about break up. You say you miss him looks like your feelings aren't gone for him. But you gotta move on so live your own life. Break ups refresh your life so do something new and in 6 months ask him how he's doing.

  • You may still get back together, and as long as the gifts are not personalized then just keep them, they are your gifts now not his


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  • just keep me them. tbh you will want them later. or if your sure you don't want them try selling them on OfferUp or something of that nature. and if it's something sentimental like stuffed toys, candy, pictures etc. you can put them in a "Black Box". a black box is like a box that you put stuff in when you don't want to remember them or if you want to remind yourself of certain things


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