Why is ex boyfriend acting inconsiderate after he dumped me?

Ok Ex dumped me for the second time whatever I got over it! But I ended up going to the bars he knew I was going to be there, and he showed up literally stalked me all night! He was trying to make me jealous he'd go dance with girls that clearly had no interest in him and stared right at me. He constantly walked by our table stop all the time. He even tried to fight the guy that I was with. He says he still cares and he was stupid and sh*t. Why are guys so stupid!

I don't know why I said inconsiderate, blond drunk moment! I meant acting jealous or stupid or something that would make sense


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  • He was being inconsiderate AND jealous AND stupid.

    Guys are a lot like girls sometimes in that they can be just as jealous and insecure when they feel threatened.

    The better questions is why he dumped YOU then wanted you back? that is pretty retarded. Sounds like the guy has horrible self esteem problems and very low self confidence and tries to cover it up with a huge ego and acting tough / immature. I can think of dozens of guys I know like that so it is.

    Truth is he isn't mature enough to know what a healthy relationship is all about, and sadly you are faced with dealing with him.

    Unless you really want this guy, and it's not just about the fact that he rejected you and you have a chip on your shoulder over it, best advice would be to run in the opposite direction. Let this loser go and find someone who knows how to handle a lady. Otherwise your whole relationship will be built on these immature tug's of war. It's not healthy, it's not fun, and it certainly isn't going to work in the end.

    Ignore him and move on. If he shows up begging you to come back and acting a fool, then just look him in the eye and tell him he had his chance and just turn and walk away - no matter what he barks at you as you do (for best results do it in front of his friends - but keep your cool). After that distance yourself from him, and certainly ignore his attempts to contact you - he will most likely be very persistent in an attempt to regain control over you. Don't let him.

    Good luck.

  • Guys aren't stupid, that guy has problems.

    Do yourself a favor and find a guy with enough self esteem to keep his woman.


    • One: Love the name

      Two: I know all guys aren't stupid well to this extent at least I was just p*ssed well typing it so it's just what I say

      I'm trying to find another guy but most guys don't want to have to deal with a girl with a crazy ex boyfriend.

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