How do I get over this guy?

So, I liked this guy who has hurt me countless times. To put it simple, he basically kept me as his side while he went and flirted with other Girls, knowing I wanted something more. He wasn't the first guy I dated, but he was first guy I did things with (NOT SEX OR ANYTHING OF THAT NATURE, I AM STILL A VIRGIN), but more intimate things with.

Our relationship wasn't a relationship you would think of. It was on and off. I blocked and unblocked him from Snapchat three times so far based on different situations. Behind my back, he would flirt and talk with other girls, much to my annoyance. One time, he even called me a stalker and left me for another ex of his. He later apologize for that, but despite this, he continued to do this to me on repeat.

I rather not go into further detail, but he made me feel worthless. We've been through a lot, and I threw away my self-worth and morals because I loved him too much to actually leave him, so I did things to satisfy his needs so he would want me, but he would always find someone else. Despite proclaiming his love for me through a stupid letter filled with lies.

We stopped talking in May, but I still think about him from time to time. I will admit I still care about him, despite all the terrible things he made me go through. It hurts me still because I know he doesn't care about me after all the effort I tried to put in, and I honestly don't think any other boy will. Recently, My friend told me he saved an old picture of me in their snapchat conversation after she sent it to him by mistake. It wasn't a bad picture, but still. I don't know how to feel about it.

I know I deserve better, and I want a guy to truly love me, so I want is to know how to get over this situation, so I won't have to cry and feel like crap anymore.
How do I get over this guy?
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