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Hi all.. so I recently took my daughters dad to court for full custody I was awarded full legal custody but we have 50/50 physical custody. School is coming up... and he hasn't been paying child support when I asked him what was going on he kept telling me that he started a new job. Is it possible for him to keep switching jobs to avoid paying child support payments? He was paying the end of last month but it stopped it is either giving every other week or every week and I have gotten zilche. Also I'm not a dead beat mom living off of him. I am in my 2nd yr in college and working at my university part time. My fiancé is attending his 3rd year and we have another little girl who is daycare so money is kind of tight and it would be nice if my oldest daughter to help for once!


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  • I hope your child support is court ordered. If not get it. You can have it deducted automatically from his paycheck regardless where he works. He WILL pay. It never goes away and accrues interest. If he continues to dodge it let the child support division know and they'll put him in jail. The only way he can get away without paying is if you allow it.

    • Yeah it is court ordered. I am getting a judgement against him. Because when my daughter was in daycare he refused to help with the bill and payed about 120 in child support a month which didn't get very far. I will have to ask my lawyer what I can do because he is totally dodging it and it's getting really old.

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    • Yeah it's stupid basically saying that if they find a problem with a reduce of child support or an increase that they would have to go in front of a judge and blah blah blah. It's here in Idaho and they use to never had to do this but I don't know I was suprised myself!

    • Take him to court yourself

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  • Just wanted to say I'm sorry you're going through this. I am too and it's no fun. I can't get a live person to answer at friend of the court to try and find out why my ex is shorting me the child support amount.

    • Yeah, these guys are jokes! What can I do though. I can't make him be a better father. Thank god I have my fiancé who loves her as his own and treats her very, very well!

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  • Why have kids when you're still in college. You're only in your second year in college? What happened out of high school. He needs to see the judge again! Judges dont like guys that dont pay. Theoretically it would be real hard to keep changing jobs to stay ahead of child support. But definitely not impossible. If that's what he's doing he should win fucked up dad of..

    • If he keeps changing jobs, they'll never get his money. To garnish a pay check, it takes more then a month. Hypothetically, he could keep going from job to job.

    • Well, life got in the way and I had to raise a child when I was a child myself. I'm there now. So that's what matters. Yeah he should win that. On Monday I have a meeting with my lawyer to file a judgment. So I guess we will see how it goes.

    • Yeah I know I fathered my daughter weeks before my 19 th birthday and it was planned. For me to have my wife stay at home I had to go to college @ night. I had a job as a cashier at a major financial institution but, I had no intentions of staying at that position. I received a degree in accounting and one in business management. I went to branch Mngr., to VP and my last 10 years I was regional VP. Retired at 50. I was very fortunate and never would have skipped out on child support. I wish you well in court.

  • he has to pay working or not... I'm an estranged father in the same situation and work part time plus also my older brother's carer after he had a stroke... even if my agency gives me no shifts for one week of the month I still pay my full alimony. . I just go with a little less that month... he is making excuses for not paying. . maybe he spends too much on other things and withholds your payment to make up the shortfall 😠 pay his dues as a father !!

    • Yes, I agree! His money falls short because he is trying to impress the women coming in and out of his lifejnstead of providing for his daughter.

    • that's bang out of order.. daughter should be his no1 priority 😠

    • Alimony and child support are not the same thing. I dont thing you are being truthful

  • If its 50/50 custody why does he have to pay anything?

    • He has her 2 weekends a month. If he had her for more than 14 consecutive days then he wouldn't have to. He doesn't though nor does he care to.

    • I suggest that you are a liar from the start. 2 weekends a month is visitation and not 50/50 physical custody. You are a parent that only works part time and yet expect the other parent to work full tim to support YOU. You made those kids, you need to support them as well.

    • So many holes in this story. First off if someone has 50/50 physical custody they almost always have 50/50 legal custody so they can deal with schools and doctors while the child is with them 50% of the time. You claim not to be a dead beat mom and yet you claim to only work part time. How is that possible? Who is paying the bills? Based on your story you have at least 3 kids? OMG how Irresponsible could you be to keep churning out babies that you possibly support. Welfare queen much? So you main complaint is that other people aren't giving you enough money to live as you want? You go to a university? Who pays for that? I suspect you are costing taxpayers at least 60 grand a year. You are a irresponsible horrible selfish person. You are just squeezing everyone you can for everything you can. Your free ride will end someday.

  • If you have 50/50 physical custody then why should he pay anything? He supports her when she is with him.
    Unless he was abusing her then there is no moral reason why you should get anything more than him.
    You should just give his daughter to him completely and not worry about trying to get money from him.

    • He only has her 2 weekends out of the month. And he doesn't support her he relies on everyone else. Hand me downs are her clothes that she wears or the clothes that I buy her and I never get them back. Give her to him yeah, right I would never leave my daughter in complete care of his worthless ass!

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  • hi, i dont know if you are usa but it appears if you are similar to us here in uk legally a court can issue a ruling to take his contribution direct from his wages if employed and pass onto you, perhaps you should look into this route for your childs welfare xx

  • He doesn't HAVE to pay it. Shit my daughters dad is $20,000 in debt with me lmfao call your child support office and see if they can garnish his wages

    • Right. You would think there asses would know by now. Ugh! His wages are garnished they are court order. I just don't think he is reporting to child support services. Or his bitch ass keeps switching jobs.

    • I know how that is. My daughters grandma has her when her sad is supposed to. Won't help pay for dance classes or preschool which he is supposed to.
      It's whatever to me just annoying because I could be buying her shit with that $20,000 he owes me.
      It sounds like he's not reporting to child support honestly. OR he could have said he lost his job and they won't garnish shit.

  • If you're receiving aid his checks will be garnished. At the end of the year his tax return will be withheld.

    • No aid. They are garnished no matter what. It is a court ordered he was doing well for a little while but then he keeps switching jobs. My guess is he isn't reporting it to health and welfare. So I guess that gives me an advantage in court.

    • Each new employer sends in a new hire report. I believe it's monthly. It could be quarterly. Once the state receives his info the employer receives an order to withhold child support.

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