Why did my ex answer but ignore what I said?

He has been talking to me since we broke up, normally just asking how I am & that's it, but recently he has been updating me on his life & said I can talk to him anytime. Last Friday he said good night & speak to you whenever you like. I messaged him on Monday that I am a bit confused why he wants to talk because we've been apart for so long and the fact remains we still want different things.

My message didn't go through until today, for whatever reason (turned off his whatsapp) & he replied, "just got your message from Monday. You ok? xx"

Why did he avoid talking about what I said? I haven't replied. If he doesn't want to talk about things, then why talk to me at all?


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  • Maybe he didn't get the message? You never know... it may look like it went through but maybe it didn't... so try it again...

  • just message back saying "no, not really. i just want to talk about things"
    its not rocket science

  • (its just an option ) maybe he want u back


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