HELP! He just never picked up the phone again and never called back?!


I know there are millions of threads on this same sh*tty topic...I know what maybe most of you will say...and still..I cannot simply understand WHY guys should act like m*rons!

This guy I know for 2 years and a half. He's a friend..then once we kissed, but I walked off as I still had to sort out me and my ex boyfriend relationship, plus was drunk and was surprised at what happened..Anyway, we met again of course as usual with friends out...then we got very drunk and ended up having sex..I thought of it as a one night stand at first, but it was really amazing..then we started seeing each other - I wanted to keep it a secret because of my ex boyfriend for a while...he was not happy of course..then at the end we came out to everyone last week. Things were getting even better between us. Last Friday I had to go to a concert with my ex boyfriend in a town far from where I am. He said he is fine and he hopes I will sort things out between me and my ex. We spent almost every day and night together...texting all day. when not together.. Then he said before I left that for him its more than sex now and he really likes me.. We were supposed to go on the beach on Sunday after I come back from the concert...he was: I can't wait to see you back..I count the days...kisses, etc. ..we even texted each other when I was away before my battery died. Then I came back from the concert and called him straight away after I charged my phone back (I told him my phone will die). He hung up. I thought he did it by mistake or something...anyway I was tired from the 8 hour bus trip back and went to bad. Woke up in the morning and was preparing for the beach as we spoke. Called him at some point as there were no news from him and he didn't pick up again. Then later I tried again - I got worried, as I very well know the guy from before and he's not someone who'll just not pick up. Nothing. Then texted him - ru okay? nothing...Then we went to watch the world cup final with friends, who also tried to call him and said he's not picking up at all...I got even more worried. Called him again after the game..nothing...Called again..he hung up and then I realized he's just taking the p*ss...I got so upset..I kept calling several times..nothing...I was pretty wasted too.. Then the next day he's offline, nothing. A friend of mine texted me he saw him and he's alive with all limbs attached. Well..I was happy to hear that. He send me an email, cc-ing all the friends about some stupid site..I couldn't imagine he will send me a mass funny email and not get in touch? I emailed him - so won't you at least tell me what happened? He replied and said he will call me later or will come by my place...and since then NOTHING...

Okay - this is ridiculous?! We've been seeing each other for a month, sex is great, fun is great, his last words were I can't wait to see you when you're back, kisses, even came with me to the bus station before I left...and then just PUFF..nothing...HELP! Why?
He's 31 years old..not a teenager! Guys please tell me what on earth should I do? Should I keep bugging him? If he thinks something happened with my ex on the trip, why doesn't he say so? Or isn't it obvious that I like him loads given that I am calling?


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  • Your story was a little confusing. From what I gather, your ex and you had stuff to sort out. You had a friend who you got on with, then had a fling with then got together. You go up to see your ex and to sort your stuff out and your friend is OK with it and when you get back you cannot seem to get hold of your friend...

    Umm sounds to me like your friend was of the assumption that there was possibly something happening or unfinished business between you and your ex and that most likely, he was just being there for you and a bit more, basically taking advantage of your situation. He is remaining distant at the moment cos he doesn't know how to handle all of this. I would give him some time. You could send him a message saying that, to just let me know you are OK. I've sorted out the issues with my ex and will have nothing more to do with him. I am now ready to give our relationship my undivided attention, something along those lines but you really need to have your ex out of the picture.


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