girlfriend up and left me and her kids for a guy she's been on and off with for 10 years 8 hours away?

So I went to my girlfriend house today and come in and see all her dresser are empty, I hit up her cousin to ask have she seen her, and cousin says "she went to FL for the low life bastard everybody tells her to leave alone 8 hours away". Her cousin says she's been running behind this guy for 10 years, all he does is give her empty promises, and her cousin says "he didn't even contact her til he seen how happy she was with you".

she did fall into a rough patch lost her job, now pretty much going to get evicted out her house, lose her car, etc. but I really seen no signs of her leaving. Then her cousin say she left her kids behind (8 hours) to go after this man. I wish I would of knew this was going to happen or I would of left.

this guy probably promised her everything since she has nothing right now, no money, phones off, no food etc.

im not bitter just disappointed. But at the end I'll let Karma do her job
She just had a good job offer, and just registered to go back to school. Now she ups and leave


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