Does cheAting happen in relationships? Is it common?


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  • depends on the partner. a cheater won't care about your feelings thats forsure to get a good idea they usually blow ya off for other people talk shit to you or about ya. disrespectful not giving sex always looking good at weird times like if a chick is going on dressing up at night or a guy is doing extra grooming before work. theirs obvious signs. gut feelings.. when something is off. i feel people need to pay attention to detail and they won't get played

    • Is it fairly common and why do people do it it's so disrespectful?

    • because they can get away with it probably number one. you'll never knoe unless you pay attention and speak up. maybe a thrill but that's just fantasy not many people act out fantasies so i doubt thats why. somethint lacking a woman not feeling loved emotionally men not being sexed enough by partner.

    • women throwing themselves at taken men just to say they we're sexy enough or good enough to end a relationship men not wanting a partner but a sex buddy so they go for taken women?

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  • It's much more common than what most think, as many cheaters get away and never get caught.


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  • yes and yes
    there's no valid reason for it, but it happens.
    dont enter a relationship worrying about it tho, or you'll make problems that aren't therr.

    • How can you tell if someone is cheating?

    • ur best bet is to just pay really close attention to changes in ur person amd relationship.
      has ur sex. life changed?
      r they communicating the same?
      have they lied?

      talk to them about what ur feeling. its possible ur just trippin

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