Ex only calls me when he's drunk?

my ex boyfriend of three years drinks a lot ... Were both 18 and just got out of high school, he's a party guy & sleeps all day and kicks it at night every night he calls me & he's sweet & nice and wants to see me and flirts with me but then when I wake up in the morning it didn't even matter because I won't even hear from him .. I told him today to delete my number & he said I guess that means I can do me .. Wtf ? We been done all summer since graduation. I'm really in love with him. I don't know what to do can someone tell me why he acts like this.


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  • Well if he is a party animal,and spending his time drinking, sounds like he may just be overstepping it. It is OK to party and drink every now and again., but not all the time. He is your ex and although you still have feelings for him, think of the reasons why you split up in the first place.

    Alcohol is can have a varying effect on people, but if the only time he calls you is when he is drunk, I would pay no mind to what he says when he is like this. You say he flirts with you, yet he is your ex?! It sounds as if you are being used in some respects.

    Leave him to it and get on with your life and go out with friends and enjoy your life. You will meet someone who is far nicer than him


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