Is it normal for a girl to jump in to another relationship right after dating some one for a long time?

i have 2 big relationships. both have done this to me. one i dated for about 9 months and the other almost 3 years. the first got engaged 4 weeks after we broke up and the second one just jumped strate from me to another guy in no time at all and they have been dating. why does this happen?


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  • they can't b alone, u dodged bullets.

    • what do you mean "they can't be alone"?

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    • ok. i mostly just wanted to know if this was something i needed to expect in coming relationships or not. it really suck because that is the experience with dating that i have had and i dont want to go through it again.

    • I would say have no expectations. You control nothing except your thoughts and life so if a woman breaks up with you and then gets into a relationship the next day that reflects on her and not you. Always be yourself :-)

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