Should I stop? ?

Girlfriend broke up with me earlier this week. Her and I talked and I told her I want this to work. We talked on the phone and I said a lot of what I was thinking and see agreed and honestly sounded sincere. I asked her if I should stay and like fight for it or just stop. She said "I don't know"

We've made small talk here and there via text but I'm kinda starting to feel like it just over for her.

What should I do? I've been giving her space and all that. I'm just scared it's over over for her.


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  • Ask her again what she wants. Where you stand. I think she doesn't want to be together, but that is my personal opinion.

    • Her and I both want to talk in person about this (both of our ideas) but we just haven't had the time to due to work schedules. What makes you think she doesn't want to make it work again? It's not like we weren't working, you know? Nothing major was wrong.

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    • That was the plan

    • Then go ahead! I'm sure she would like it 😊

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