Signs your boyfriend considers breaking up with you?

Help me out on this one guys. How do you know if your boyfriend (a guy) considers breaking up with you.
What are some signs to look out for?


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  • starts being distance from you and talking


Most Helpful Girl

  • -feeling distance
    -inly talking to you when he wants to see you
    -Not texting you as much as he used to, like drastically less
    -not caring about your day and what you want
    -acting single: going out with friends instead of you more, not referring to you on social media like before, going out and staying out late with out you etc
    -becoming mean and cold to you
    -pointing out your flaws constantly
    -going for days without even talking to you or seeing you, if that's not normal
    -sometimes they will try to update their look or hit the gym more
    -acting secretive


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  • He would be more distant and wouldn't want to spend (a lot of) time with you.

  • He withdraws from you

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