How Long should we wait to have Sex?

He is not making that effort to keep me with him he barely arrange dates I do all the dates.. he text me every day and answer my texts immediately he is honest And straight forward guy and I told him once we are not compatible he said I'm wrong we that we are very compatible but I don't feel we are in relationship it's my mistake or his I'm not sure why we are not getting closed.. so we were spending time kissed and I was drunk he tried to have sex with me I refused completely he tried for hours didn't work.. and I'm confused was having sex is a good step to move to next level or I should wait little longer to see if I really mean to him more than desire


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  • At your age, you should be spreading your legs for any guy who even hints at wanting to bone your Post-Wall snatch.


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  • i think he's under stress, which is hidden from u.. try to find that out. have a good sexual life

  • I can't wait. because I am hungry. I had sex 1 year back

  • when you want to do it do it


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