If the guy that is interested in me hears about my ex boyfriend, would he lose interest?

There is this guy that I like at my work and it seems like his interested in me too. He is very touchy with me and flirty with me and it seems like he often wants to impress me. But there was this customer that came in that knew me from long ago and he mentioned my ex boyfriend. He asked me if I broke up with my ex in front of my crush, because we were both in the front desk working together that day. So after the customer left, my crush asked me how long ago that was so I said like 1 or 2 year ago. Then he said wow that is a long time. You haven't had boyfriend for that long and he told me how he had 3 ex girl friends and how he wants to get girl friend now. He said that when I never asked him. So my first question is would he lose interested if hears about my ex like the situation now? or is it OK since it was long ago? Also him asking me how long ago it was, it is a good sign of interest right? like he wants to find out. If he didn't care he would not ask that right? Guys please give me your opinion... thank you!


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  • I think he asked because he is interest because he is trying not to force anything onto you if the break up wasn't that long ago, So he was a little bit pleased that it was, So it's okay, But don't talk about it too often, And also, If you're going to do anything with him, Please bear in mind, He's had 3 ex girlfriends, There could be certain reason's he broke up with them.

  • I think everyone understands that everyone has a past and has exes. It sounds like this guy was hinting that you need to get back out there and have a relationship, he still sounds interested. Has this guy stopped flirting with you? my guess is no. Keep on flirting and I'm sure things will work in your favor.



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