Why do girls ran after Money instead of heart?

Many times I saw girls ran after those guys who have money and get used up.. Does they gave more priority to Life style instead of love life


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  • Well, typically girls wanna know what they can get out of you first. Sex, money, adventure. So on.
    Proof; " i only date him fir his money."

    Girls can't really love men. Their children yes. But not men. Yeah you have successful married couples and claims there partners are happy but basically the guy making sacrifices.
    Proof; " i want to break up with my man but sex be so good."

    Proof: " he's fucking hot! But he called me slut. Now i feel pitiful.

    This all backed up by 100% of wha comes out there mouth for 26 years i been on this planet.

    The ones thsts after your heart are ones who through with bad boys, games, and has spiritually found themselves after her hoeing years are up. Like it or hate it. Its nothing new.


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  • They do not think about the consequences of money, sure money is good to have, but it's not everything. To some, money is everything, but it doesn't buy happiness.

    • Those who ran after money have extra marital affairs

    • Very true, the richer the man, the more likely there are to be affairs because she likes the idea of him having that 'money talks' power.

    • Yup... agree... money always speaks

  • "Does they gave" it depends where you're from and what mentality you have. It's different with everyone. So it depends on the individual

  • Because, they are stupid and immature.

  • Because women value only really 3 things:

    1. Looks (Height, face)
    2. Money
    3. Social status (Popularity, Job status, social standings)

    If you have these 3 in adequate amount, women will say you have a "great" personality and a "wonderful" guy.


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