What to do when your calls are ignored but an ex says I love you I'm just fighting my inner demons after multiple drunk calls from him?

Me and My ex boyfriend of 4 years broke up recently about 3 weeks ago. Now he is not the type to go out of his way to call a ex or even give them any mind after a breakup he goes completely silent. Well initially we broke it off because he was caught multiple times talking to other women and proceeded to hangout with one of them on my birthday which lead to our breakup (well deserved honestly). Well he went out of his way to call my dad and ask for my number which lead me to multiple nights of drunk calls begging me to stay on the phone, but day in and day out if I call him my calls and texts are ignored or left on read. I asked why he bothered me if he had no intent to be around and go both ways in the situation and his response was I love you but I'm battling my inner demons right now. Can anyone shed some light here on what that means towards me lol and what I should do next?


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  • Lost and confused. His life is like an emotional roller coaster right now

    • Yeah that's probably right but he's closed off so it's not like he planned to talk to me about the issues so why would he call me and not one of his friends?

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    • I don't know why it put the water drops 😂

    • He's on a dry spell. And since you're the last girl he slept with he is reaching out to you. Probably also cause he still have some sort of feelings for you

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  • Drunk calls. What else does anyone need to say?


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