Blocking yourself from looking even though you've blocked someone?

You're probably confused after reading that title.
I've got myself in a pickle :/
First thing: I'm an over thinker (a dramatic one at that).
So I blocked these girls my ex used to like photos of. I'm really jealous of them cause obviously my then boyfriend payed them a lot of attention and not me. Makes me sad.
Sometimes I get the urge to go looking. I can't stop the urge it's kinda shit tbh. Is there anyway I can stop myself from un-blocking/looking, or get something that never lets me view it again.
Please don't just say don't look then because if you knew the feeling you would understand.


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  • Give yourself something to do every time you get the urge to do it. I used to do this in my teens and would go crazy on social media constantly refreshing so every time I went to do it I had to get up and get a glass of water or do 5 burpees if I had too much water.
    It takes the same kind of will power to make yourself do those things as it does not to look, but the distraction task helped keep me off social media

    • Thank u I'll give it a go :) Did u get that awful feeling inside like you felt you'd go crazy if you didn't look?

    • Completely, and if the refresh took too long I'd start getting this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. But I can easily see now that it was paranoia and extremely unhealthy. I'm much happier on the peripherals of social media now 😊

    • Thank u so much!

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