Girlfriend Broke up with me over text, how to move forward?

So, to be honest, what she did is really shitty, the way she handled it all, but deep down Im still in love with her, and still want to be together. My girlfriend said some really mean things (My dog is diagnosed with cancer and she made a joke about it, saying its not her "Fucking Fault" and that I should be alone), then apologized, a day later, she broke up with me with a long text message saying she wants to be with friends and party. Hour later she said the break up was a prank. So I called her asking what was going on, poured my heart out, and tried to fix it, she literally didn't say a single word to me on the phone. So I said goodbye, and ten minutes later she texts me saying maybe we can start over, I said maybe, then she proceeds to tell EVERYONE we broke up, after saying we were gonna try again. So now its done, I made sure its over, and a part of me NEVER wants to speak to her again, and another part still loves her. I don't know why I didn't stop talking to her after the first breakup comment, I guess I was blind by empty love and admit I should have ended it there.

She was someone I truly cared about, and even if she didn't care about me (which it seems she didn't), I am still hurt and want her in my life (still knowing its better without her). I mean, I'm not perfect by any means, I've said bad things, messed up, but I thought what she did was just cruel. Any help? I want to move on and forget her to the best I can and need advice, I just don't want to move on by using hatred as the reason.
Girlfriend Broke up with me over text, how to move forward?
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