My girlfriend lost feelings for me and I need answers on why and how u can get her back ASAP?

So she went on this trip to Colorado and she was going to be gone for about 10 days and 7 of those days she wasn't going to have cell service so we wouldn't be able to talk but before she left for that place she was going to she said she was very sorry but she said she lost feelings for me and that we should just be friends because she didn't want to keep leading me on because she has been wanting to tell me for a while. So then I begged her not to and she said sorry so I asked if there was another guy she promised there was not. She daid she just wanted to focus on school and her fall sport becuase its our senior year. we did have a conflict not to long ago about us giving each other some more space because she said that it wasn't healthy for our relationship if we hung out everyday but that work for a day and we were back to hanging out everyday. And I just want to know how I can get her back because I truly love this girl and she is just amazing in all ways and she just makes me a more happy person.


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  • If she has genuinely lost feelings for you then you may not be able to get her back. It sounds like she was already doubting her feelings for some time before she finally decided that it was over. This wasn't out of the blue for her, she'd been thinking about it. It sucks for you but it's like, unfortunately. All you can really do is to accept it, to find your own closure and to move on with your life. Life goes on, new relationships will come.

  • You became the beta in her eyes.
    By becoming too attached and dependent on your woman you relegated your role of a protector and provider to her, defeating your purpose and making yourself utterly unattractive in her eyes.

    You can't get her back.
    Women don't work that way, they don't care about love or affection, they don't care about how happy YOU feel to have them, THEY have to feel happy to have you.

  • i read your post and if you really love her and want her back email me on my email there are tips and advice am going to share with you which will help you out. waynelikey @gmail. com email me and i will let you know what to do


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