Ex won't stop stalking blog?

Things did not end well with him. I've never hated anyone more than I hate him and he knows that. He also knows I want nothing to do with him. Despite that he keeps checking on my blog every 2-3 weeks. He got a new girlfriend, graduated, and is now abroad working (I know because he checked from Japan), so I don't understand what reason he has for continuing to check on me.

If it was just a periodic thing that would have ended when I changed my URL I wouldn't really have cared, but since I blocked him on everything he's found my new URLs each time. I've probably changed it 6 times since this all started.

I am just baffled as to why he still wants to know about me when he's gotten everything he wanted. He behaved like he didn't want to date me anymore so I ended everything. He's now with the girl that he was dating at the same time. Yes, he cheated.

I stopped blogging about him because I wanted to move on and not give him any reason to keep checking. I just want to sever all ties with him. I don't want our lives to connect in any way whatsoever.


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  • he isn't over you, block him


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