Hard time trusting women after being cheated on HELP?

To start this off. the day is was cheated on was the worst day of my life basically i helped my family set up a party got hurt a bunch of times, lifting heavy things, was very sick and the top of that at one point I almost collapsed after all this once i came back home my girlfriend texts me that she found someone else i felt angry and sad the thing most people feel after a breaking up this was about a year ago every time I try to move on and talk to girls or meet people i remember how painful the breakup was and end up thinking she WILL cheat on me because she can it doesn't help that the fact I see so many marriages failing and end up thinking this is true i know it's know its not but thats what i feel what can I do to get rid of this feeling?

Tl;dr man with hard time trusting women and does not want to be jaded, bitter, or alone


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  • hey buddy my own wife is giving me divorse after 7 years!!! I m taking care of my 6 year old son and my old mom. keep moving. this is not the end of the world. always family first

  • there are ass hole woken out there, and same goes for men. realize you found a rotten egg and findsomeone better. but do keep yourself in check and on lockdown from time to time


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