I can't get my ex off of my mind but I doubt it's the same for him?

So here's a brief summary of the situation:
we broke up and we were still talking frequently but soon enough he said that we were talking too much considering we aren't together anymore and it's not healthy but I didn't get the problem but agreed and stopped and so did he. I miss him though and I honestly hoped at one point we could try again as pathetic as that sounds I'm just being silly though. I just don't want either of us to move on and it's so selfish of me to think that way. Ugh help?


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  • I'm guessing that he wanted the breakup more than you? If that's the case then you are the one who needs your ego patching up because it's been hurt. That's why you can't get him off your mind, because you see him as the answer to your pain and your newly found self doubt. It's not nice to feel rejected.

  • do you still love him and want him back to your heart

    • Yeah I do

    • do you still want him back i want you to mail me on my email so i can give you some tips and advice that will help you win him back and things will be fine together back with you.
      mccartkatty @gmail. com

  • im in the same boat i can get my ex off my mind i wish i could but it seem im still in love with her


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