Girls, Does it come across as too petty or desperate to wish him good luck?

so backstory there's this guy I used to like and tbh still do to some degree. I've know him for a few years and we've hung out a few times but nothing serious ever developed. I went for along time with talking to him but early this summer we started talking again and hung out only for him to go ghost again. Well in a couple of weeks I know he'll be moving out of state for school (he mentioned it while we were talking). I was wondering if it would come across as too petty or desperate if I just told him good luck on social media If he posts anything about leaving ( we're still friends on everything) What I want to mean by saying good luck is genuinely good luck. I want to be good person about it or I guess I should probably say the bigger person since what he did was a jerk move but I don't want to seem like im still bothered by it and show that I am mature enough to wish him luck. Should I bother saying anything at all? Should I like it? Or do nothing at all and just ignore him and forget?


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  • I don't think it seems petty... I think it would show that you're the bigger person and despite him ghosting you, he should find that admirable! If you're still worried that it sounds petty, add a smiley face to your message (because something so simple can convey a certain meaning in a message)


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