Ex wanted me to unblock him & said he just thinks about me sometimes. Why?

He was the one that gave up on things because he thinks relationships inevitably fail & he has commitment issues. He's been talking to me since we broke up, checking up on me & recently updating me on his life, but I got tired of wondering what he wants & blocked him.

After telling him he avoids saying why he wants to talk, he told me he just thinks about me sometimes. Why, when we've been broken up for well over a year now? He hasn't been in another relationship/


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  • He still has feelings for you and probably talking to you is not helping. Cutting communication is probably for the best.

    • I still have feelings for him too, but like you said, talking to him doesn't help me to move on if we're not going to try again

    • Looks like you have your answer 👌

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