Is it ok to tell him that he is not doing any effort?

I have been dating a guy he was at the beginning so lovely then he stopped asking me out but text me Everyday I was trying to let him understand that I'm a woman and I'm not feeling desired by him I haven't accepted having sex yet cause I don't know where we stand and I wanted to give to the relationship chance to go slow he haven't done any single effort doesn't even compliment me.. is it ok to tell him that u wanna end things cause he is not fulfilling me.. or in early stage I shouldn't be demanding?


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  • every relationship has a "honeymoon" stage (there's actually a honeymoon stage in each step in the relationship) and if either of you are losing interest early on, it's not a good sign

  • but you're not fulfilling him either

    • You mean sexually

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    • maybe. if that is what he needs

    • what you need and what others need are not the same. the effort you put may not be the one he needs. don't put sex as a reward and he also shouldn't put giving you emotional support as a reward either.

      find that sweet spot where you both understand each other's needs rather than rewarding them after yours fulfilled.

      relationship is more about giving and less taking.

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  • If I were in your shoes, I'd tell him, "Where the effort?" Us girls want to feel desired as much as we desire. If you know what I mean. Don't let him near the cookie jar until you see that he's putting effort into the relationship. If you feel no connection at all (like you don't get butterflies when you see him or when his hand grazes your arm or something) end it. Be like, "Hey ____, I feel like there's no connection between us anymore and I feel as if you haven't put in any effort since we started to get serious. What's the problem?" Or something like that. Lol. Communication is key in every relationship. Make sure you are both on the same page. It's okay to tell him how you feel. Be honest and open about your feelings. It helps.


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