I feel like im pretending to feel sad but I am genuinly sad how do you cope with something like this?

I gave a girl a virgin killer sweater as a joke for her birthday on a date and uploaded a video of her reaction because I thought it was funny and we both had a good laugh and fun short date. She was initially okay with the video but her family saw it and they got mad at me so she had to back off and we can't be friends anymore. I kind of knew she didn't have the same romantic feeling I had for her and she broke my heart several times. we never had relationship but we had a connection and a bond. her sister said to not talk to her anymore and I agreed because I was being obessesive and pushy at times and the fact she broke my heart and I didn't back off when I knew I should. but she still went and spent time with me even though we weren't together. I will be at the same places as she does because we both have the same interest and I am not letting the event take away my joy at being at anime conventions. I surrounded my self with friends and told them whats going on and shared my problem. The first time I saw her again and didn't talk to her nor and I thought I would be okay but still feel very sad. Today I saw her working at a maid cafe and still think she looked cute in her outfit. and seeing her working makes it feel like she is earnest as I am, in which part of the reason I am so obsessed with her and attracted to her because I saw a lot of my self in her I didn't go up to her and tried to avoid her still. And still had fun at the convention but after the convention's concert and went home I felt really sad and cried. I felt like this some time after not seeing her, but I begin to wonder if I am feeling this way because I am thinking I should feel this way. I thought I was okay but knew i really am not. good thing my friend are there to help me but how do you cope with this? because they might help but really I might be covering my feelings by confiding with them.
to be honest I really want to spend more time with her, but that is not going to help me getting over her


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  • it is you who wants to be sad, maybe you need to be loved

    • that is the thing thats why I am asking I might be sad because I want to be sad. and yes I do

  • Don't waste your time. At this point it's best to move on. Go out and do fun things, maybe even get a new girlfriend


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