Would you move in with a person from another state in another state?

i fell on hard times been out of job for 2 months my current girlfriend was helping ( dating for 4 months ) me stay on with bills ( I told her not but she insisted and did ). Even though it's been stressful I'm thankful she is helping out. A girl I've had known for a while we dated years of ago asked if I wanted to stay with her but she stays 8 hours away we have a long history a rocky one, a lot of people don't like me being with her so I'm weighing my option. She invited me Down to stay for a few to see how the job interview goes.

i didn't tell my current girlfriend I was living I just packed things and up left her, I'm to scared to tell her what's going on.

i left my two kids back home with their gma

I don't know can anyone give me advice on moving in with someone you have years of history with


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  • Listen, I know it's really hard to cross some obstacles with your s/o, but you gotta grow some balls with this situation bro, and I mean no offense. Put the shoe on the other foot for a minute. If your girl did something that huge and didn't even ask your opinion, wouldn't you be hurt? Not to mention how much she's held you down while you've been out of work. It's messed up, and I think deep down you know it, otherwise you would've told your girlfriend. So no, my response isn't on how to make yourself feel better about ditching your girlfriend to move in with your ex. This is hopefully a push to right your wrong and be a decent person to the woman who loved you enough to have your back. Tell her the truth.

    • I know but it's hard, she did hold me down and she did. Nobody else really looked out for me like she did, in a way I don't know how to tell her. I still have we're in a relationship everywhere I'm so hesitant to change it. I'm ignoring her because I feel it's easier for her to see the picture

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    • You're right. Cause karma will be a bitc.. if I don't say anything

    • Definitely karma, but also, you're going to feel awful. You'd have to be entirely void of emotion to go day by day and not feel bad for what you're doing. It will eat you up knowing you're destroying someone's heart. I hope you think better of this. Have a drink, smoke a bowl or whatever will ease your mind and give her a call.

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