friends with benefits relationship becomin confusing?

my friends with benefits seems to be talking to someone new and I feel really upset about it. should I just end whatever is going on with us before it gets serious or should i wait it out and see if he stops talking to her


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  • friends with benefits are delicious at first, but salty in the end.
    at least give your body a break and your mind space... cut him and move on.

    Good luck...


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  • If he seems ready to go on with you, it's all good. But if that new girl grows on him, you should just 'move on'. After all, it's not a real relationship, so both of you are allowed to do whatever you want. :)

    • Its honestly thought its been going so well until he started talking to someone else and I got all jealous...

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    • If that's the case, I believe you should quit as soon as possible. If you don't, he will. He may be on his way to find a girl he'll love, and I guess he won't be needing you anymore. So if you let that happen, it's just gonna hurt even more. It's so much better to stop now.

    • you're right. he's also at the age where he should be thinking of marriage... I guess im not really ready for that yet

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  • This is why "friends with benefits" relationships are intrinsically-ridiculous and impossible.

  • seriously talk to him and define the relationship before someone (you) gets hurt...

    • last time we talked about it we both agreed it's not a relationship but it's definitely more than just friends with benefits 😧😧😧

  • Are you sure you two aren't just FWB?

    • I don't know... our relationship is much more personal than my usual friends with benefits. we actually talk and hang out at times without sex in the equation but at the same time I always feel like we need to have sex everytime we meet even though he's told me countless of times that it doesn't have to be about sex everytime...

    • Dating. You guys are dating unofficially.

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