How can I at least try to get my ex boyfriend back?

Me and my ex boyfriend had been together for a year and a half. We had just started dating when he got shipped over seas and we managed to last a 6 month deployment together. Last December he broke up with me right after Christmas saying that he was too young (He's 22, I'm 21) and that we aren't compatible. Expecting to never hear from him again, he texted me every day and a month later we're officially back together. He's flown me across country twice to meet his family, I'm his first serious relationship despite vigorous dating before me, and he says he's never trusted someone like he does me.

Two weeks ago he dumped me while I was on vacation and we hadn't seen each other for a month. He was depressed and his "therapists" told him that it was the relationships fault (when in reality I believe it's because he went on night shift). We talked and this time he cried as he broke up with me, saying he didn't want to give me false hope but maybe we could try again when he gets things figured out. He said he never wants to cut me out and he'd always want to be my friend. He said at least give him two weeks and we could see how he felt when I got back. Unlike last time we broke up, I haven't heard from him and two weeks is over. I've decided to change for the better and work on myself and I want him to know that. How can I at least try to win him back?
How can I at least try to get my ex boyfriend back?
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