Why would a grown man age 42 ask you to please not run him down to your parents after he breaks up with you? Why would he care about their thoughts?

Broke up out of blue after being together 14 months.
Have not had a fight.


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  • This Q. is easy. Because he's not really grown up?, his parents are going to tell you the truth about him (closet queer)? and he's actually only 10? You've got three choices.😂😂😂 Seriously, what reason did he tell you?

    • Oh shit,, my bad! he's worried bout your parents? he's CRAZY!

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    • Hopefully he doesn't owe your parents any money or something along those lines. I'd tell my parents right away just to see why he said it.

    • Let me tell you a quick story. My then wifes brother had asked me for a rather large loan knowing that his sister and I were nearing the end of our marriage. The loan and amount were not unusual, but the do not tell ***** was very strange. Against my better judgement I did it, and didn't tell her. I can't get into details but, it took me almost 5 years & another 1K out of pocket to retrieve my money. ALL BAD, but the end.

  • He doesn't want to be embarrassed or it's just not his parent's business.

    • Not his parent's mine

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  • Because it's not a nice thing to do. And it's immature. Why would anybody want people thinking bad of them?


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