When things were going well.. Why would it suddenly end?

I was dating a guy (31 y/o) for a few of moths (met online and his last relationship 3 years ago). Things started off well from the start and it felt like this was going to be a long term. We were basically a couple as we'd see each other 2-3 times a week and he'd always stay over. It didn't get to the relationship level. He would write cute notes for me, spoke every day, pet names for each other, great sex and just hung out. I knew things in his personal life werent perfect (i. e. family troubles, financially etc) as we spoke about it and he was open about it to me.

Few weeks ago I received a message from him saying he couldnt do it anymore & will back off for a bit. He thought he was ready for something serious. With all the issues surrounding him he wanted to focus on himself. He deactivated every single social media accounts. I called him straight away & he explained to me why? He wanted to be on his own as he was use to it for the last 3 years, no one else involved & I did nothing wrong. He finally admitted that he liked/cared about me but I deserved better. He sounded empty and spoke in a monotone way. I asked him if it was goodbye. He said to me for now? Even though it was a few months of dating I feel pretty broken.

He finally reactivated his social media accounts and a couple of days later he blocked me on everything. I'm a little confused as why he would do that? I haven't contacted him (giving him room), but I honestly still care & worry about his well-being. Any advice with what I should do?


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  • giving him room was a good choice but perhaps he cocked you for his own sake, less temptation when he's trying to have a stable life. i don't think he means bad. i would let him be. i know you want to help him but that may unfortunately be against his wishes.


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  • He's a prick. You dodged a bullet.


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