For the guys ... does this ring true?

As I'm going through a break up, I'm reading some articles about break ups - how original I know. I came across this article, and here's a quote:

"There's one thing many women don't understand about men who end a relationship with them: in a guy's eyes, no break up is ever final. Men love to fix things, break ups included. We always like to have the ability to change our minds, and this means leaving the door to the relationship ever so slightly open. "

Is this true guys?


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  • It is so true.

    Perfect example of how you ladies don't understand - When you hang out with your ex - it p*sses us off. In his mind, there is still a shot.

    Unless a guy is dating another woman, and is completely happy with her - he still thinks about the past girls. Especially the last one.

    • Even if he claims he doesn't have feelings for her anymore at the time of the break up?

      And you bring up another good point, what if he is dating another woman and he still hangs out with his ex? Does that mean he still has feelings for his ex and wants to fix things with her?

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    • Interesting. So two points: 1) men can never just be friends with exes, and 2) no matter how tough they are, men still miss what they had. If this is the case, what stops them from trying to get it back?

    • Cause a Real Man knows when its over, and moves on. But our brains, remember your thoughts arn't you, keep reminding us of the good times with her.

      And no, men can be friends with ex's. They just need to be really mature and not need love from her anymore/ give into temptation.

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  • it's sometimes true, but then again we have to know when something can't be fixed and move on, there is no sense dwelling on the past since it can't be changed, therefore the only thing we can do is learn from it, for those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it

  • This is 110% true. Guys like to transcend previous troubles, while women may be more inclined to have a sturdy 'now'. The word for that is 'immanent'.

    So yes, guys are transcendent, women, immanent. They like right now to be wonderous. Guys will wait forever for glory and may just get it if they are noble-hearted enough.

    • Really? Because it just seems that guys are not willing to fix the problems when they present themselves. They're more inclined to just leave. So why wait to fix the problems later, keeping the door open?

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    • Then why are men untrustworthy?

    • Well I guess the men I see in my day to day life just seem to be playing an uglier game than I am willing to partake in. One with violence, lies, abused wives and girlfriends, unloved children, motorcycles, muscle cars, drugs, corrupt officials, sleazy friends, a shady past and a questionable future.

  • Very true. Men have a mind set about the women they date, "once mine, always mine" and we just stick with that cause we put time and effort into the relationship so it's hard to let go... Please answer some of my questions. :^)

    • Does this mindset continue after he's gotten into another serious relationship? I think a lot of women have experince when the exgirlfriend comes back into play. How can a man know his feelings and what he wants if he never lets go?

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