Did she cheat/should I feel hurt?

I've been with this girl since last summer. we first kissed in mid august but before that our friends knew we were like together for a good 3-4 weeks, I was taking it slow for my own reasons though. Anyways, I found out last night (through a drunk text) that she hooked up with some guy in late July while she was drunk.

I found it out and I was livid. One night she told me all the guys she'd hooked up with and didn't mention this one, and another time she told me she didn't hook up with anyone that summer (now I know she hooked up with him and a couple months ago I found out she hooked up with 2 girls). we were definitely texting the nights she did it too so to me it's like text me, hook up with this kid, send me another text. That's f***ed up to me. So besides the fact she did it, she lied to me too. I could've hooked up with other people but didn't.

To me this whole situation is just completely disrespectful to me and to add insult to injury one of my best friends who's family friends with her knew and didn't tell me.

Do you think she actually cheated? Should I feel hurt by it? And what would you do in this situation?


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  • The evidence is there. So Yes. She did. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And yes, you have the every damn right to feel hurt about it.

    I don't give a damn how long a couple has been in a relationship, if she wants to go get wasted and screw other guys, SHE CAN, but she shouldn't have commited to me in the first place!

    Don't linger on this emotion too long. Learn to say "Oh well" and move on...


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  • Yes, she cheated.. If you were a couple than yes you should be hurt by it. I would walk away from the situation, she cheated before and lied to you, no reason to stay around in my opinion.

    • Ok well with us it's confusing. We were like talking and viewed as togetherish for most of july. Then we were really together mid august, and it wasn't "facebook official" till october (but that doesn't really matter at all). She says it meant nothing and was seriously upset about it last night. She knows it was wrong too.

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    • No I trust her not to lie to me and this is the only time it's ever really been an issue. She doesn't think we were together at that point and I think we were, but I think that's mostly because of this.

    • Ok. Good luck with everything!

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