How do I get over a relationship?

This girl was ever thing to me, I gave up so much but I had to let her go, I feel like I'm nothing more then a useless fuck, and at the same time I want to pull the trigger on my self please help


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  • You gotta hold on. It's going to be absolute hell for a while but you'll start finding yourself again and you'll start feeling better. It's definitely not fun or easy but you just have to give it time and focus your energy on other things. Good luck bud and stay strong

  • Jesus Christ... you are only 14, how long did the "relationship" last? month maybe? not even that? I don't know what kids get from these young relationships... did you really think you will be together forever in your age? It's not your last break up. Yes it may hurt but shooting yourself? wtf is wrong with kids these days...

    • Well the real reason is that I had a fucked up child hood mate, when I was young my step dad hit me hit my mum and sis, now imagine waking up almost every other night to hear the muffled screams of my sis as she got rapped, I was young i didn't know what to do, to this day i can't forget the hell that i went through and when I do something that hurts other people like that I feel like I did when i was young, useless, that girl was ever thing that i was not, 3 whole years being by her side, when she was in the hospital, when she wanted me to be with her, name it I have done it, it doesn't matter about the age it matters about the memories, she was there beside me when I went to the hospital more the 4 times, some people happen to have lives that are lived shorter then other

    • i see, you've been through a lot, and after all that you want to give up? sorry you had bad childhood but you kept going then, why would you stop now? in this age, a lot of things change, today somebody left your life but tomorow someone new may come into your life, you have still a lot of things ahead of you, some bad some good, but you must keep going

    • thank you

  • Dude I've been through a messy break up before with someone I thought was my best friend. it hurt for a long time but I promise things will get better. just give it time. start thinking positive thoughts, it's a decision and it's hard to do but it helps to train yourself to think positive. another thing, nobody is useless, you have worth and potential. everybody does. whatever you do don't pull the trigger man, life has so much to offer and a break up is just a small peice of that you will look back on like it was nothing. I would also suggest reading the Bible. there's a lot of good stuff in there. I did that when I went through a break up and it helped give me peace and wisdom over the situation. prayers sent your way man :)


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