Why is my ex-boyfriend giving me mixed signs?

We were in a relationship for a couple of months and we were quite healthy/happy for most of it, but then he started acting quite distant and douchey to me and I don't know why so I told him it was hurting me but he still didn't act like he cared. I decided to end things with him. I told him the breakup was for the best and he agreed. When I broke up with him, it was only then he seemed very hurt and he tried to blank me out for the rest of the day. We agreed that we could still be friends though. He said it was good to end on good terms so that we weren't slagging each other off.

My friend asked him if he'd get back with me and he said he didn't know. He either seemed upset or tried acting all hard in front of me - possibly to impress me? I don't know but he was uncessarily salty to me - even though we agreed to be on good terms?

I asked why he was being so salty but he didn't say much. I asked him if he liked me as a friend and he hesitated for a bit and said yes. So I thought thank god the drama was over.

The next day I asked him if I asked him out, what would he say? He said no because he didn't want to be in a relationship atm. He said "relationships at our age aren't proper; we can't even have sex" and that relationships were stressful. I said "yeah relationships aren't worth the heart break and distraction" but he said "heartbreak, whatever. Hearbreak, EEUGGH" in a mocking way. Our friend asked him if he'd get back with me but he said "no, all it is is saying "i love you", kiss then run away" and "you can't even do anything with your girlfriend at this age" sexual-wise. He knew our relationship was more than that though.. and why would he ask me out in the first place?

But what confuses me is that we keep staring at eachother and at times still acts like he likes me. We're on good terms now bc school has just ended and we reconciled on the last week. He often looks jealous and kinda angry when I'm being friendly with other guys - esp his friends.
Side note - in case you were wondering why I'm still in school is my age says I'm 21 - I'm not actually this age, I made this account aaggees ago and I just selected a random year whoops


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  • Feelings are still there even if you're not together. It's not like it automatically goes away


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