What does that mean and how should I react when my ex is not answering me if he is dating other women?

Hey everyone,

My ex dumped me 8 months ago after than he was obviously dating a girl. Before 3 months he came to my house without informing me looking after me. We met us once after it and we kissed us. He was still unsure about everything so am I. But I was putting him in distance after he canceled to meet me once because he was busy and after he told me that he wrote this girl a letter thanking for a good time they had. As I was ignoring him and letting him know I am moving on he is writing daily and one week ago he sent me a packet full of goodies for my exam prep. I am little bit confused. I asked him if we can meet us because I am leaving for 6 months for a semester abroad. He said he would like the to catch up. Today morning I asked him just for clarification if he is still in contact with this girl or he is dating/ seeing other women. He read the message and ignored it and hasn't write back. I know he is my ex and I should block him and whatever. But this is the person who I really loved so it's not easy. So I would be grateful for some good advice. Because since we saw us. I am the one who is backing off and we had twice no contact for 2 weeks than we wrote.. we planned to see us end of August. how should o react if he says yes to dating this or other girls? Thank you much love !:)


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  • He has a girlfriend and looking for someone to bang on the side... Ex girlfriends are the easiest... Especially girlfriends they dumbed, because that usually means they still have feelings for them.

    • We don't sleep with each other. He doesn't want to have sex till he get married :D. That's the point

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    • This also what I think of. It's difficult for me :/ now he answered that he sees this girl at least once month because they have same friends but they aren't dating. He is also not seeing other girls.. but he thinks about how is it to be in a relationship and reflects his thoughts so i haven't replied yet. I thought I could just write Maybe it's a bad idea for us to see again and I guess I have to move on.. or should I not write anything

    • Dont write anything, if he keeps writing then tell him you dont want to see him again.

  • Because he only have attraction on you when he he get attraction on another then I think he cheat you or you are more caring he think you can patch up with him latter when he need you

  • Oh fuck. Leave him alone. He's your ex.


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