The burning question?

Can love return?

Everyone going through a break up wonders if they can get their ex back, but can they recreate that love? I texted the question to my brother and he said "maybe". Man of few words, my brother.

So the question, for both men and women: can you fall in love again? Anyone who's experienced it, or those who just want to weigh in are welcome to answer!


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  • I am going through the exact thing your asking about. I am a male. I was with my ex for 6 years I thought I we had a good relationship but I found she was not happy with certain things like not being intimate enough, not complimenting her and making her feel secure in our relationship are just a few other things. I didn't realize all these things while we were together. When she left me I did some serious soul searching and reflected on our relationship and sure enough she was right. Point being I am in love with her and I want her back. I believe if both people are willing to work together to make the relationship work there is hope. In my situation I know I have to show her that I do love her and I know where I went wrong. I know I caused her a lot of heartbreak so It will take time. Bottom line is actions speak louder than words. So anyone who wants to get there ex back must genuinely show that person how important they are to you and how much they mean to you every single day. Good luck to everyone who is trying to get their ex back.

    • Good luck with your relationship. I agree that it's always worth the effort. My main concern is if the damage is reversable or not. I suppose that could also depend on the individual - whether or not they're stubborn about letting go of the past.

    • We only live once. I believe if you really love someone and you caused them heart ache and pain but you were unware that you did hurt them and you are genuinly sorry with all your heart why be stubborn about it. Being stubborn will only cause more pain being stubborn is a part of ego. they did such and such to me and I won't forgive. Forgiveness is what it is all about. If my ex can foregive me I will do everything in my power to make and keep her happy. She is very stubborn. Every thing possib

    • I really do hope you work things out. It's nice that guys seem so positive about it. My ex is pretty stubborn too. But the fact that the 2 guys who answered my question were hopeful, gives me hope. You know?

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  • Sure love can return. It's pretty easy really. A little time apart can work wonders. As with a long long time.

    • Like...20 months, or 20 years?

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    • Yeah that's what I'm hoping. Thanks!

    • Well I can say this -- the one girl who really showed me what a preposterous lunatic I was, well her name was Sarah. I carried around a lot of hidden baggage related to that, and comparable experiences. But now I have respect for her, as well as other girls who simply weren't that keen on me. I know I wasn't a good enough person then to warrant anything nice from them. So, I certainly have gone from 'troubled, problematic, and hurt' to 'sensible' in my attitude towards these ladies.

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  • no first-hand experiences here, but two of my best friends got back together with exs. neither of them are/were happy. I guess every case is different, but I feel like generally if a couple breaks up, there's a legitimate reason for their parting of ways. only high schoolers do the "i love you, I hate you" on-and-off routine, mostly out of confusion and lack of too many potential romances.

  • It depends on how you ended things. See, the prospect of someone new is so exciting that the ex really has to be something special to you for there to be a reconciliation. They have to understand you better than anyone else, you need to have something in common, and I think there should have been a civil separation the first time around. Never say never.

    • What about the comfort of an old relationship? New love maybe exciting, but it takes work. And lets face it, sometimes people are a bit lazy? I agreee that there has to be a little something there to spark a reconciliation. But after that, can you regain the love you once had, or is it doomed to fail again?

      *I agree about the civil separation - the only ex I ever got back with was one that ended on good terms.

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    • I am not trying to be rude, but Iviav why are you asking the question if you know first had that you can get back together with an ex?

    • I don't know it first hand. The ex I got back with I never loved. Plus I'd rather have a discussion about it and gain insight rahter than sit here bummed that my last relationship just ended. And one thing that I haven gained from this site - from chatting with another member - is that hope goes a long way in changing our outlook on life.

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